We're looking for any type of information source, if you like writing then a post would be amazing!

Prefer to vlog? We can embed a video of you talking about your chosen subject to our site and youtube!

And if you want to write a piece but have no idea how, then we are more than happy to send some questions for you to answer in a structured way.​

We've created some standard interview templates for anyone who's interested, so just get in contact and we can send one over.
We hope to fill the blog with personal accounts as well as our own posts. We have both written about our own experiences with mental illness, and feel like this enabled us to explain fully what its like to live with.

We would love anyone with experience in a particular mental illness who would like to help raise awareness to contact us about writing a piece.

Equally if you're into fitness and wellbeing, it would be great to hear from you! We want our blog to be varied and interesting, so if you feel you have something to add please let us know.

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We both have experience in writing academic pieces through our experience in Medical school.

This is combined with being confident and comfortable in presenting in front of large groups of people.

Impressively, Ella has presented her research in front of a National Research conference, as well as attending a psychiatry summer school. 
We would love to be involved with any events centred around mental health, fitness or wellbeing, and so if you're hosting a wellnesss festival and are looking for speakers - we could be for you!

 If you would like a blog post on our experiences, musclemind or the science of mental illness, then we would be more than happy to help.

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